F1B live at the LA Auto Show: We’re at your command

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SJ is Nico RosbergWe’re going rogue.

Although Formula 1 and related motorsports are the raison d’etre for F1B, occasionally it is worth mixing things up a bit. This weekend is one of those times.

I’ll be attending the LA Auto Show this weekend — still not sure if it will be Saturday or Sunday, but probably the former — and by most accounts the show is bigger and better than it was last year.

Funny how a slight uptick in the economy combined with a push for clean-energy vehicles will do that.

Since new cars and new concepts shouldn’t be too far from everyone’s sweet spot, I plan a quick recap — probably of the “Best and Worst” variety. (I can say my eyes are on the new Porsche Cayman R. We’ll see what else is there.)

But to help guide me, if there’s a concept or new car you’re interested in, drop a comment below and I will try to track down everyone’s “must see.” No promise it won’t end up on the “Worst” side of the ledger, though.

Also, if you’re going, let me know. We can share an overpriced nachos, maybe.

And, yes, the photo above is my “Nico Rosberg” pose from the show last year.


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