F1B presentations ~ The speaking(snarking) series

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One of the great things about F1B is that I am often asked to give presentations on open-wheel racing and discuss my thoughts regarding the season, predictions, technology and other politics of the industry. It is a real honor to do spend an evening with members of the car owners clubs and this week was no exception.

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Presenting to owners clubs is terrific fun and they are some of the best F1, Indycar, ALMS and other road racing fans in the US. This week was a full house and many of the local owners clubs were represented. The Lotus owners, BMW owners, Porsche owners and even some Mercedes and Ferrari owners have attended and the sessions are terrific fun with wine, cheese and a lot of talk about racing.

A season preview is always a fun time and the discussions are rife with terrific questions, comments and snark…Grace would be proud. So a big thank you to all who attended and I apologize for all those who could not attend as seating was limited. Be sure to get your RSVP in early next time. We continually need bigger venues as the attendance has grown and we will endeavor to remedy that to allow more seating next time. Let’s get into the racing season and perhaps a mid-season review would be in order. ;) Thanks again fro all who attended…it’s a lot of fun for free and a good excuse to get out of the house.

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