F1B Staff Picks: Abu Dhabi GP results

It sure is hard to make up much ground with that Vettel kid around. Doesn’t he have a curfew or something? Do none of his school friends schedule birthday parties on Sunday afternoons like my kid’s friends do? Chris, Victoria and Paul probably all wish that he would have taken this past Sunday off, but he didn’t, so the other six of us are are at least nine points richer. Todd was this week’s big winner, not only picking up the recently crowned WDC’s nine points, but also getting Webber for 2nd and Alonso for 5th. In fact, had Grosjean managed to sneak around Rosberg for 3rd, the big boss man would have had the Top Five correctly picked.

Even as it was, Todd jumped past Paul, moving from 5th to joint 3rd in the standings with Andrew. Tony managed to pull just slightly closer to Grace in 1st by not only taking points for Vettel’s win and Alonso’s 5th, but also getting the extra two tics for Raikkonen as First Out (I’ll honestly admit that I figured Kimi had just simply parked that Lotus in protest before seeing the replay). Alonso seemed to be a popular choice for 5th, as Paul and Laura also picked him up in that position. Oddly enough, Laura’s score this weekend moved her into a tie with Paul for…wait for it…5th place!! Meanwhile, back at the tail end of the grid, Dave and Victoria continue to fight over not being last. With Todd, Andrew, Paul and Laura all separated by a mere twelve points and Chris, Dave and Vic by just thirteen, the fighting is still very fierce up and down the grid. Next up, AUSTIN!!!


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