F1B Staff Picks: German GP

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Once again, Paul proves himself to be the self proclaimed genius of the F1B staff, as he moves up from 6th to 3rd via yet another very impressive win by Fernando Alonso. The tenth completely unforeseeable Grand Prix of the 2012 season finds Grace taking the only other point of the race with Perez in 6th.

Laura and Grace both scored points for Raikonnen in 4th but, just like Massa at Brazil in 2008, they only had to wait a little while for Vettel’s demotion from 2nd to move their man Kimi up to 3rd and his points out of their grasps. Speaking of the six of eight staffers who picked Massa for more points and his incredible run up to 5th in the points…what happened? And for the three of us had chosen Hamilton for the win when we should have gone with First Out…what happenned!



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