F1B Staff Picks: Hungarian GP

As we come to the four-week summer break, my least favorite time of year, it is time to check the F1B Staff Pick results for Hungary, as well as to look back on the season so far. Lewis’ relatively flawless run from pole to win brought nine points to Mark, Laura and Tony, helping Laura jump from 4th to 3rd in the standings and Tony from last to not quite last. Having also correctly chosen Grosjean for the last step of the podium, Mark meanwhile moves from 2nd spot to the championship lead. For the second time this year, Grace scores two points from Michael Schumacher and his sometimes unreliable Mercedes cohorts. With half of the field scoring and three of those taking the win, the battle for 1st spot has the Top 3 covered by nine points, while the battle for 4th sees four staffers within a mere six points of each other. It’s tight up and down the grid.
Looking back on the 11 GPs so far in 2012, all F1B Staff Pick World Championship participants have scored points in at least five races, except for Victoria. However, she remains in an honorable 5th spot having only taken points twice. All staffers but Grace have scored at least one win, with Mark leading the way with three correct victory choices. Grace, oddly enough, has scored in the most rounds, eight, two of which she has her favorite eighty-seven time World Champion German to thank for dropping out first. With nine rounds to go, Mark has pulled out a rather Alonso-esque lead, but like the actual 2012 F1 season, who knows what really is going to happen from race to race?


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