F1B Staff Picks: Japanese GP results

Thank you Der Seb and Der Newey.  Nine points for everyone!!!  How long will the streak continue, though?  Will all nine F1B staffers be brave enough to believe that, come India, Vettel can take six straight GP victories on the trot?  Or will one or more of us go out on a limb in the hopes that, much like Steve Perry out front of Journey in it’s prime, all good things must come to an end?  Of course, that new replacement fella’ is pretty good, but I digress!!

Chris was this week’s big points scorer, as he also picked up an extra six points for Webber and the Red Bull 1-2 finish.  Andrew continued to slowly creep up on Paul in 3rd on the strength of an extra three points with Alonso’s finish.  Grace correctly chose the Hulk to come home 6th, while Victoria made up for last week’s goose egg by taking an extra two points with Bianchi as First Out.  However, with each of us getting at least nine tics with Sebastian’s win, not much headway was made anywhere in our imaginary grid and all players remained in the same placings as they were following Korea.  With the season winding down, there is still lots of ground to be made up and a big points haul could pay off for just about anyone…except maybe Grace!


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