F1B Staff Picks- Spanish GP


For as exciting as the results of the 2012 Spanish Grand Prix were, they bared little comparison to the wonder and amazement that is the Formula1Blog Staff Picks World Championship.  Why?  Because sometimes I wonder why we even do it and, so far this season, I’m often amazed that any of us even score at all!  For this weekend’s particular race, only Grace’s dislike of Michael Schumacher helped us to save face, for the two bonus points she garnered for choosing the Schumster as First Out were the total points haul for the entire staff.

If Bruno’s Williams had only gotten stuck in that gravel trap, too, we could very well have had the most pathetic F1B Staff Pick results in the history of F1B Staff Pick results…which, of course goes all the way back to Australia of 2011.  That’s some history right there, folks!  We do, however, have a magnificent three-way battle for 3rd, with Grace, Vic and Todd all sharing that position on 17 points.  At least we’ve got that going for us.




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