F1B Staff Picks: Valencia

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One of the most exciting and unpredictable GPs from one of the most exciting and unpredictable F1 seasons ever has yielded one of the most exciting and unpredictable results in F1B Staff Pick World Championship history!!  Okay, did I sell it?  Did I actually have anyone going there for a minute?  Valencia, usually seen as one of if not the most boring, processional races of the Formula One calender, caught us all off guard this year.  The results of our always spot on, insider-knowledge based staff picks?  Not so much.

Andrew extended his points lead by a massive three points by taking Webber for fourth, with Paul, on the other end of the grid, retaining last place, despite also choosing Webber.  If we had only given Andrew (and Victoria) those extra two points for choosing Glock as first out.  But as they say, you must first start a race to be first out of that race.  Podcast co-conspirators Todd & Grace have co-conspired against the rest of us by correctly choosing Rosberg for sixth and the gargantuan single point that comes with the Finn…er…German.  Hey, one point is better than none points; just ask Lewis.

If there’s a shining light that comes from the dullness that was the anything but dull European Grand Prix, it is that, for the first time since the season began, there are no ties for position anywhere amongst the F1B Staff leaderboard.  Now that, my friends, is exciting!



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