F1B Store: New Logos, new prices

Just in time to be late for holiday gift giving comes the new logo’s and new pricing at the F1B store. My holidays are usually filled with pictures of what someone got me with the promise of a future arrival and why not surprise your loved one with the same? It’s like having two holidays in one. The excitement and anticipation!

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Your friend Nelson feeling a little low this holiday season? Get him a F1B Dog Bowl. Have a special friend who just entered retirement but can’t seem to let it go or shut up? Buy them the F1B Mouse Pad for all those long nights writing his memoirs.

Want to get something for that special little person in your life? Get them the kids F1B hoodie…they’ll look great on that elderly little person in your life as they go about screwing countries out of money.

Need to show your appreciation and that Cinnamon Roll smelling gift candle is too nasty to be re-gifted? Then try anyone of our F1B gifts and you won’t be disappointed. We will be “shocked and disappointed” if you don’t.

So check out the F1B store for all your F1B needs.

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