F1B’s changing face

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AttetnionF1B has been going through some changes. Traffic this year was through the roof and our growth is a large testimony to the loyal readers and followers we have gained over the years. The F1B staff have been working behind the scenes to identify our Value Proposition and channels for the delivery of that proposition. We have defined our core concepts and changed to match what we feel our strength really is…you!

To those ends, our new website layout is created to foster more “you”. It’s friendly, simple layout is intended for easy navigation and perusal. We want to hear from you. You make the opinion and you drive the news that matters. We have always said we are THE Journal of F1 Opinion and we mean it! You may notice changes to our approach over the next few months. Subtle and refined but changes nonetheless.

For those of you who like F1B just the way it is, rest easy. We’re not changing that much. We are adopting key strategies based upon our value proposition. We have coupled our customer segment with the channel that we think best fits and most easily delivers our value to improve our customer relationships. Ultimately, the goal is to give you a bigger voice in the F1 fan world—to foster good, insightful discussion done with decorum and civility. See? I told you that we’re not changing that much, this has been our mantra since 2005.

We hope you like the changes and look forward to working the winter months with you while all the others lock the doors and close up shop for the cold, harsh off-season. We’ll be here working for you and we want you to be a major part of our value proposition…we always have and always will.


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