F1B’s Server migration begins

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The migration begins today and we would like to apologize for any interruption you may experience. The process will most likely also find some loss of the most current comments until such time as I can get the database backed up to the minute. We know this is asking a lot and your kind patience is much appreciated.

With the advent of the new server migration, we will most likely find some content and features that need addressing so please bear with us as we clean up the mess from the migration. As we migrate, we will be working on releasing a new layout that is more conversational in appearance and less parsed in containers that are somewhat confusing. Each story will have it’s own tag and category but all stories will be highlighted for your conversation. The intent of the new layout is to prompt your involvement and participation in the discussion and we hope we can achieve that very aim.

We’re looking forward to 2011 and thank you in advance for your patience.


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