#F1Chat Preview – more silly season and looking ahead to Italy

Next weekend sees the final European race of the 2013 Formula One season, and while we have the Italian Grand Prix at Monza to look forward to, we also have some silly season news to discuss – yes, we’re well into that time of year! So here’s what’s coming up on tomorrow’s #F1Chat…

As silly season gets hotter, Martin Whitmarsh said this week that McLaren have no plans to change their driver line up for 2014 – thoughts on this? And what have you made of Sergio Perez’s first 11 races with the team? Whitmarsh has also said that he would welcome Kimi Raikkonen back to the team – can you see Raikkonen going back in the future?

Rumours this week linked Raikkonen back to Ferrari – could you see him back there in the future? Stefano Domenicali meanwhile has been reported saying he thinks Felipe Massa could stay with the team – thoughts on this? Ferrari’s Horse Whisperer had a bee in his bonnet earlier in the week when he blogged, talking down the possibility of an announcement in Italy – do you think there will be just as much talk off track at Monza as there is on track with silly season heating up right now?

Meanwhile, Red Bull are still playing down talk that Daniel Ricciardo will step up from Toro Rosso in 2014. Why do you think this is? Christian Horner has said the team are happy to wait a bit longer to see what other opportunities are out there. Do you think there are? Do you expect an announcement this weekend?

Earlier this evening, Fernando Alonso tweeted: “I have important news coming these days … Stay tuned here on Twitter and on the Web.. !!!” – what do you think this could mean?

This week, Heikki Kovalainen said he will not compromise his stance on pay-drivers and seek personal sponsorship to get back into Formula One in 2014 – do you see him back in the sport though?

Stefano Domenicali said this week that he predicts big surprises for 2014 with its rule changes and anticipates, depending on how Ferrari’s 2013 season is looking, that the team’s focus will switch completely to 2014 by the end of September. Do you see this happening? Which teams do you anticipate will switch their focus early on? Do you think its likely that even championship defenders, and leaders, Red Bull will do this?

Finally, looking ahead to the Italian Grand Prix – who do you think will be on pole in Monza? Who do you think will win?

Join us tomorrow at the usual time of 4pm Eastern US, 9pm UK, using the #F1Chat hashtag to answer the questions from @F1Chat. As always, we look forward to chatting tomorrow evening!

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