#F1Chat Preview – Pirelli, Bernie and Ron Dennis

It finally feels like F1 is back to work after the Christmas break, as over the past week there has been a lot of news. Pirelli have signed a deal to supply tyres to the sport for the next three years, Ron Dennis is back in charge at McLaren and Bernie Ecclestone has stepped down as head of the F1 board. With lots to discuss, here’s what’s coming up on tomorrow’s #f1chat…

First up… Pirelli. What do you make of the announcement that Pirelli will continue to supply tyres to Formula One until the end of 2016? It’s also been announced that one of the 12 days of winter testing will be in the wet – thoughts on this? Each team will also be asked to dedicate one of its eight days of in-season testing to Pirelli in order to help the manufacturer develop their tyres and improve safety – thoughts on this? This means Pirelli will attend all eight in-season tests where one team, or a maximum of two will work with them on a tyre-specific test.

Bernie Ecclestone has stepped down from the F1 board following the announcement that he will go on trial for bribery in April. He will continue to run the sport on a day-to-day basis under increased monitoring – thoughts on this news?

Ron Dennis is to return to the role of Chief Executive Officer of McLaren – what do you make of this development and what do you think it will mean for McLaren? Ron has said “there will be changes” and there are questions over whether Martin Whitmarsh will remain as Team Principal of McLaren – what do you think of this? Do you think he will be replaced and if so, by whom? Could we see a quick return to the sport by Ross Brawn?

Christian Horner said this week that the sport could see a 50% retirement rate in this season’s opener in Melbourne as the teams take to the track for the first time under the sport’s new regulations. With big questions over reliability in 2014, do you agree? Is this a possibility? There is also a lot of talk over two clear tiers in the sport this season as the better-resourced teams are more likely to get to grips with the changes sooner and pull ahead of the midfield teams. What do you think?

Join us tomorrow at the usual time of 4pm Eastern US, 9pm UK – follow @F1Chat and answer the questions using the #f1chat hashtag. As always, we look forward to chatting soon…

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