#F1Chat Preview – reviewing Germany, previewing Hungary

The summer break is fast approaching, and we have reached the half way point of the season. But before F1 heads into the summer break, we’ve got a race to review and another race to preview. So here’s what’s coming up on this week’s #F1Chat…

Let’s start with the German Grand Prix. So what did you think of the race? Who was your driver of the day? Overtake of the race? Contact on lap one saw Felipe Massa lose his front wing, and debris on the track resulted in a puncture for Lewis Hamilton. Normally, the safety car would have been deployed while the debris was cleared from the track, but this didn’t happen. Should it have done?

During the race, following his 2nd pitstop, Hamilton was lapped by both race leader Fernando Alonso and 2nd-placed Sebastian Vettel. Hamilton had the faster car and was soon unlapping himself. Vettel was unhappy after Hamilton passed him, coming between him and the Ferrari. Should lapped cars be able to unlap themselves if they are faster than the leaders? What did you make of Vettel calling Hamilton “stupid”?

In the closing laps of the race, following a series of laps where Jenson Button in 2nd was catching Alonso, he began falling back into the clutches of Vettel, and after closing on Button in the DRS zone, Vettel passed the McLaren for 2nd at the hairpin, running wide and completing the manoeuvre off-track. Vettel was later given a 20 second post-race penalty, demoting him to 5th. Was this the right decision by the stewards?

Talking of the stewards, after investing Red Bull’s engine mapping ahead of the race, they took no further action against the team – was this the right decision?

At the half way point of the season, after some unpredictable races, Alonso has now won his third race of the season and extended his lead in the championship to 34 points over Mark Webber, with Vettel third, Kimi Raikkonen up to fourth and Hamilton down to 5th. With half of the races complete in 2012, who do you now predict will win the championship?

Moving on – let’s quickly look ahead to the Hungarian Grand Prix. Who do you think will be on pole? Who will win? Do you have any other predictions for the race?

Join us tomorrow at the usual time of 4pm Eastern US, 9pm UK, using the #F1Chat hashtag to answer the questions. As always, we look forward to seeing you there.

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