#F1Chat Preview – spectacular F1!

Over the last couple of weeks there has been talk about changes to F1 to make it more spectacular, so let’s discuss the suggested changes and our thoughts on them in tomorrow’s #F1Chat…

Last week there was talk that there could be tweaks to the exhaust systems to improve engine noise. There will be a meeting on 6th May to decide what happens next – thoughts on this? Do you think a change will be made and when?

This week it was reported that teams are pushing to make the cars more spectacular with sparks, glowing brake discs and vapour trails all to be considered. What do you think about this news? Do you think this would make the cars more spectacular? There are also plans to reintroduce active suspension from 2017 to help reduce costs – what do you think of this? Martin Brundle has said this could be less exciting for the fans and could make the cars look like Scaletrix cars – do you agree? He also said it might push costs up as the teams will need to redesign their cars – thoughts on this? Is it a good way to cut costs? Would you like to see active suspension or sparks, glowing brake discs or vapour trails return to F1?

This week, Red Bull hit back at Mercedes over the championship leader’s attempts to get Red Bull’s punishment for ‘fuel gate’ increased. Mercedes had called for “a more severe sanction of a ban of no less than three races, plus a disqualification for a further six months, suspended for a year” – Red Bull said that the team are getting rattled that the current champions are catching up after what looked to be a miserable start to the year for them. What do you think? Are Mercedes ‘rattled’ and feeling the pressure? Looking ahead, do you see Red Bull catching up as F1 heads to Europe?

If Mercedes’ rivals do catch up, Toto Wolff has hinted the team will have to rein in their drivers who have so far this season been free to race each other. What are your thoughts on Mercedes allowing their drivers to race and do you agree that they should be told to cool off? Are you enjoying the current battle between the Mercedes drivers?

Join us tomorrow at the usual time of 4pm Eastern US, 9pm UK. Follow @F1Chat for the questions and answer using the #F1Chat hashtag…

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