#F1Chat Preview – the Brazilian GP

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It seems like only yesterday that we were looking ahead to the first race of the 2013 season, and now it’s all over and we’re about to review the last. So here’s what’s coming up on tomorrow’s #f1chat…

While Sebastian Vettel was in a race of his own, there was plenty of action amongst the rest of the field. The rain on Friday and Saturday meant there was no dry running – do you think this helped to spice up the start of the race?

The stewards were quick to hand out penalties during the race, the first to Felipe Massa who crossed the pit entry line on a flying lap, something which the FIA had confirmed would be outside the track limits and therefore against the rules if crossed. What were your thoughts on the penalty? Was it fair? What did you make of the timing of the ruling?

Massa had been fighting Lewis Hamilton for fourth when he received the penalty, it cost the Ferrari team, who could have beaten Mercedes to second in the constructors’ championship. Fernando Alonso had been prepared to gift Massa third had he been in with a chance of finishing on the podium for his final race for Ferrari. Thoughts on this?

Hamilton received a drive-through for causing a collision with Valterri Bottas, who had been trying to unlap himself during the race. Bottas crashed out and Hamilton ended up with a puncture. Thoughts on this incident? Was the penalty fair?

Red Bull were due to pit Mark Webber before the collision between Hamilton and Bottas, and fearing a safety car, they quickly brought Vettel in before Mark, even though they weren’t ready with his tyres. Webber had to queue for his stop. Luckily it didn’t cost the team, but what did you make of this?

Towards the end of the race, Jean-Eric Vergne and Pastor Maldonado made contact at turn one – it looked like Maldonado turned in on Vergne, but the stewards took no further action – thoughts?

It was an emotional final race in Formula One for Mark Webber. What did you make of his race? And what about his slow down lap where he took of his helmet – surely that’s something we’ll remember for a long time?

Finally, who was your driver of the day? Overtake of the race?

Join us tomorrow at the usual time of 4pm Eastern US, 9pm UK. Follow @F1Chat for the questions and use the #f1chat hashtag to answer. We look forward to chatting tomorrow…

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