#F1Chat Preview – the British Grand Prix

First of all, apologies for posting this a day later than usual, I was at the British Grand Prix and what with traffic chaos and getting home late, I had little time to pull this preview together! I’m back now after a great weekend, which included meeting a couple of our #F1Chat regulars (@djmcwhinnie and @guycaseley) on Friday, and having a tour of the paddock, including the Ferrari garage on Sunday with Santander (more on that in the coming days)… So here’s what’s coming up on #F1Chat later today…

As always post-race, let’s talk about the weekend’s track action. So, what were your thoughts on the race? Who was your driver of the day? Overtake of the race? It’s fair to say Fernando Alonso and Mark Webber dominated the race from start to finish, and with the pair both having won 2 races each, now leading the championship (Alonso on 129 and Webber on 116 – 16 clear of 3rd placed Vettel), are we finally starting to see some clear leaders in the fight for the championship, and is this Webber’s year to finally be able to outshine Vettel?

It wasn’t the best day for the Brits in front of their home crowd, with Paul di Resta retiring from the race in the opening laps, and the McLarens struggling to keep up with the front-runners. Where McLaren are concerned, do you think their chances of winning the title are slipping away, or can they get back to where they were at the start of the season in the coming races?

After the race, the stewards dished out fines to Maldonado and Kobayashi following incidents in the race. Maldonado received his €10,000 fine for his collision with Perez that saw the end of Perez’s race, and Kobayashi received his €25,000 fine for unsafe entry into his pitbox that resulted in injuries for 3 of his mechanics as they were knocked over. What are your thoughts on these 2 fines?

Qualifying was postponed for an hour and a half on Saturday following a heavy downpour during Q2 that made conditions dangerous – was postponing qualifying for this long the right thing to do, or should the grid have been decided on the times that had been set up until that point? Finally, did you go to Silverstone for the race? The weather was awful and there were problems with traffic queues and parking, but that didn’t stop us fans enjoying the race – did you have a good weekend?

Join us later today at the usual time of 4pm Eastern US, 9pm UK, using the #F1Chat hashtag to answer the questions. We look forward to seeing you then! In the meantime, here’s a photo from Friday of @djmcwhinnie, @guycaseley and myself…

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