#F1Chat Preview – the end of the summer break

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It’s been a while! And I’m not just talking about time since the last race, but also time since the last #F1Chat! Last week I was at sea on my way to New York, but this week I’m back, and although a day later than normal, #F1Chat is also back. But with the summer break only just finishing, the news is only just starting to pick up again ahead of this weekend’s Belgian Grand Prix. Here’s what’s coming up on tomorrow evening’s #F1Chat…

It seems Silly Season has been gathering pace over the past few days. Earlier this evening it was reported that Kimi Raikkonen is no longer in the running for the Red Bull seats as according to his manager, talks with Red Bull ended some time ago. According to German newspaper Bild, Dietrich Mateschitz has made the decision to promote Daniel Ricciardo – what do you make of these developments? If the news is confirmed in Belgium, it will set off the annual driver merry-go-round – Raikkonen is out of contract in 2014 – do you think he’ll stay at Lotus or do you think he could replace Felipe Massa at Ferrari?

Talking of Raikkonen, he completed a development test for the GP3 series last week – this is a big thing for the series having such an experienced driver help to develop a GP3 car – what can the series learn from Kimi?

It looks like Sauber’s Russian backing is yet to be finalised after the team announced its new partnership last month – the National Institute of Aviation Technologies have reportedly blocked finance to the team, however Sauber have denied the rumours – what are your thoughts on these rumours? What do you think is next for the team? Will they get the backing and if so where do you see them in F1 in the future?

Toto Wolff has said Mercedes need to consolidate their success rather than chase for the championship in the second half of the season. Have Mercedes impressed you so far this season? What do you make of the comments? Do you think they could be in the running for the title this year?

The BRDC have reportedly sold Silverstone – thoughts on this news?

Looking ahead to the Belgian Grand Prix this weekend – who do you think will be on pole? Who do you think will win?

Join us tomorrow at 4pm Eastern US, 9pm UK, using the #F1Chat hashtag to answer the questions from @F1Chat. Next week, #F1Chat returns to its usual slot on Monday evening. We look forward to chatting again soon.

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