#F1Chat Preview: The F1 fan’s holiday shopping (or wish) list

#f1chat Preview
In the USA we celebrated Thanksgiving Thursday then joined the rest of the world in officially launching the holiday shopping season Friday morning (or, in some cases, late Thursday night!).

So it’s the perfect time to create our holiday wish list for Formula 1!

Rules, regulations and refueling. Or not. What do you wish would return to Formula 1 in 2011? What should be introduced or re-introduced?

The host countries and circuits. If you could design your dream locale for a Formula 1 race where would it be? A brand new circuit? Or perhaps bringing a classic back to life?

Take your crayons and redesign “Bore-rain”, “Abu Duhh-bi” and your other least favorite circuits from the 2010 calendar.

Wave your magic wand. Take the 2010 teams and cars and seat your all-time favorite drivers. Who would be best suited (and helmeted) where?

Childhood memories. When and how did you first follow Formula 1? Did you have Formula 1 cars as toys? If so, what were your favorites? Who were your favorite drivers and teams?

What is the highlight from your time as a Formula 1 fan? A particular race? Meeting a driver? Another special memory?

Do you collect Formula 1 memorabilia? Or do you wish to start a collection? Wishing again: Whose autograph or what item would you most like to own?

Finally, a little more wishful thinking – our weekly silly season updates and latest conjectures.

Join us on Twitter this evening – and each Monday throughout the off-season – at 4:00 p.m. Eastern US/Canada, 7:00 p.m. Brazil, 9:00 p.m. UK. The chat is moderated through @F1Chat. Use the hashtag #F1Chat to follow and participate in the discussion. We also welcome your comments here!

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