#F1Chat Preview – the Italian GP

The European leg of the season is now over and for many, the Italian Grand Prix didn’t bring the end they were expecting – where was the rain the forecasters predicted? For Sebastian Vettel it was yet another dominating, perfect win to add to the 2013 collection and help him extend his lead in the championship to Fernando Alonso by another seven points. Here’s what’s coming up in tomorrow’s #F1Chat…

So what did you think about the race? Who was your driver of the day? Overtake of the race?

Nico Hulkenberg qualified third on the grid on Saturday, and drove a great race to finish fifth behind the Red Bulls and Ferraris. Were you surprised by his pace? Do you think he could be driving for a top team in the future?

Lewis Hamilton was quick to write off his title chances after being knocked out in Q2 of qualifying and finishing ninth in the race. He then backtracked and said he won’t be giving up, however. What were your thoughts on this – do you think he was right to write off his chances? He’s 81 points adrift.

Jenson Button said after the race that McLaren made a mistake with their gear ratios – what did you think of this? Considering the long straights, were your surprised by the mistake?

Alonso said after the race about Vettel’s 53 point advantage in the championship: “We need to be lucky and we need to have some DNFs from Seb or something to win the championship. With the races left and the points disadvantage it is hard.” What are your thoughts? Do you think anyone can keep Vettel from his fourth title? And what did you think about the booing Vettel received?

In other news, Red Bull are off to test tyres on the RB7 at Barcelona this week with test driver Sebastien Buemi and Toro Rosso (and Red Bull 2014) driver Daniel Ricciardo. What are your thoughts on this news? Were you surprised to hear they would be doing it, despite the fact they’re using their 2011 car and test drivers? The test will enable Pirelli to test their 2014 compounds, and despite thoughts that it will give Red Bull an advantage over the other teams, the tyre manufacturer says the team won’t gain from the test as they won’t get access to any data. Do you agree?

It looks like a Ferrari announcement is due this week – who do you see driving for the team in 2014? Do you think that Nico Hulkenberg stands more of a chance after his performance for Sauber this weekend? He doesn’t think so.

In other announcement news, organisers of the Bahrain Grand Prix are set to announce the race is set to become a night race in 2014 – thoughts on this development?

Join us tomorrow at the usual time of 4pm Eastern US, 9pm UK, using the #F1Chat hashtag to answer the questions from @F1Chat. As always, we look forward to chatting soon.

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