#F1Chat Preview – Webber to stay at RBR, let silly season begin

In many ways, it’s been a slow news week this week following last weekend’s British Grand Prix. But having said that, the ball started to roll on silly season ‘for sure’ as Mark Webber firmed up his seat at Red Bull for 2013. So what does this mean for the remaining drivers yet to sign contracts – let’s discuss it in tomorrow’s #F1Chat…

Webber confirmed early last week he had signed for another year at Red Bull, setting off silly season and ‘who goes where in F1 in 2013′. The move came with confirmation that he’d also spoken to Ferrari about a seat at Maranello. On Friday’s F1 Show on Sky Sports, Timo Glock and Karun Chandhok discussed with Ted Kravitz and Georgie Thompson about the move, stating it was the right thing for Mark to do seeing as the team have just scored another win in 2012. Do you agree? Webber staying at Red Bull means there is no longer a seat available for either Lewis Hamilton or Michael Schumacher. If Lewis leaves McLaren and wants to remain within the top teams, his best hope is Ferrari, if Felipe Massa is to leave.

Do you think Massa will leave Ferrari? Not long ago we were certain of it, but after a good result at Silverstone, could the option to stay be on the cards? Or do you think Lewis will jump ship to Ferrari to line up alongside Fernando Alonso for the second time in his career? Or as discussed by the Sky team on Friday, is Lewis’ best option to stay with McLaren?

What about Schumacher, where does this leave him? Will he stay with Mercedes, or do you think he’s set for retirement again soon? What about drivers such as Paul di Resta and Sergio Perez?

Moving on, let’s look ahead to the German Grand Prix. What are your predictions for pole and the win? McLaren are set to bring some upgrades to the MP4-27 in time for Germany – do you think this will help them ahead of the race? Have these updates come at the right time or are they a race or two too late?

Join us at the usual time of 4pm Eastern US, 9pm UK, using the #F1Chat hashtag to answer the questions – we look forward to seeing you there!

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