#F1Chat Preview: Welcome back team orders! Welcome Lotus! Wait a minute

#f1chat Preview
Just when we thought there wouldn’t be any real news in Formula 1 until Sauber unveiled their car in late January ….

The FIA World Motor Sport Council lifted its ban on team orders. Did the ban make sense in the first place? How far do you expect the FIA to allow teams to take the sport “into disrepute” before taking action?

Moveable rear wings, unmovable front wings – and perhaps more innovation preparing for the engines of 2013. Are you now curious about car design for 2011?

Another interesting news item from the week: the Korean Grand Prix organizers were recognized as Top Race Promoters during the FIA’s Prize Gala Friday evening. What was with that?

The Nelson Piquets won their libel case against Renault. What are your thoughts? Can Nelsinho ever find happiness in the world of racing?

The Mark Webber saga. He raced with a broken shoulder then wrote a book – unbeknownst to one Christian Horner. Can he ever find happiness with Red Bull? Does he want to?

Then there’s the tug of war over the Lotus name. Team Lotus, Group Lotus, Lotus Renault. Green and gold here, black and gold (and what’s with the red?) there. We’ll sort it out together.

These topics and more await you during this week’s #F1Chat on Twitter. Monday evening at 4:00 p.m. Eastern US, 7:00 p.m. Brazil, 9:00 p.m. UK. Follow @F1Chat on Twitter for updates and use the hashtag #F1Chat to follow and participate in the discussion. You are also welcome to comment below.

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