#F1Chat Preview: Winter here, summer there, F1 goes green

As fans to the north head to the slopes and fans to the south escape to the beach, there’s nothing quite like Formula 1’s latest oh-let’s-go-green initiative – or at least a well-crafted press – to create a bit of buzz and a small carbon footprint in the off-season.

Thanks for allowing me to poke a little fun, #F1Chat friends. As your host with a sensible-but-very-big heart for the environment, I could not help but laugh at the idea of “smaller turbo” engines. Smaller, larger, or super-charged – most of us will agree they really do not matter. The carbon footprint of practices, qualifying sessions and races pale in comparison with the “footprints” of the transporters, private jets, airlines, buses, charterered limosines, vans and armored SUVs it takes to send the F1 show to the world’s stages. Oh, let’s not forget the safety car, the latest and greatest sportscars sparkling in reserved car club parking, and fans’ transportation parked who-knows-where.

Then there’s what your favorite star races in the off-season and then drives home … … and what you and I will drive or ride to the office tomorrow.

We could be ridiculous … but let’s be practical. Should Formula 1 teams and engineers take an active role in promoting green initiatives and perhaps alternative fuels and/or technology?

Should the FIA and the sport take political stances?

Or should the sport be left alone to be just that?

These topics and no doubt silly season speculation and an interesting side conversation or two are in store this evening. 4:00 p.m. Eastern US, 7:00 p.m. Brazil, 9:00 p.m. UK. If you are on Twitter follow @F1Chat for updates and use the hashtag #F1Chat to follow and participate in the discussion. You are welcome to leave your carbon footprint (!) and comment here as well.

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