F1’s 2017 regulation changes delayed

According to reports, the F1 Commission and F1 Strategy Groups met at Biggin Hill to approve the proposed 2017 changes to Formula 1.

It does seem the chassis and tire regulations will go ahead despite some attempts at preventing them and even some teams keen to tweak the rules.

The power unit changes were to include engine cost, availability of supply, engine sound and performance convergence of F1 engines but it seems that, according to Motorsport’s Jonathan Noble, there wasn’t a quorum in the F1 Commission group to pass the engine changes.

The lack of a quorum means that an E-vote later this week is set to take place to approve the changes. The engine issues are very touchy regarding performance convergence, cost and supply. It will be interesting to see where they land on the matter.

In all, the changes to the car are set to move forward while the engine changes are still having trouble but they until Saturday to agree and vote.

Hat Tip: Motorsport

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This delay in sorting out the regulations for next season will hurt all the teams. However the richer ones will be able to throw more resources at the problem to come up with a competitive package. Once again it will be the less well off team’s who will struggle most.

F1 desperately needs a dictator to set the direction early enough for all teams to adequately plan for any future changes. Setting regulations by committee is just a recipe for delay, disagreement and inconsistency.

Alianora La Canta

Wait a minute, there wasn’t even a quorum? Where was everyone else – and why?!?

Negative Camber

That’s what Jonathan Noble said and I have never formed a habit of doubting him. :) He’s a good egg.

charlie white

Time for the 2017 engine rules in discussion and not enough members bother to show up for the meeting. So what does that tell us standing on the outside looking in? Not only can the teams not agree on ANYTHING but they can’t stand to be in the same room together to talk about it. So they kick this can further down the road to the April 30 deadline.

Tom Firth

An E-Vote… Good lord the FIA have abandoned the fax machine?


Why is the title of this article the opposite of the content?

Tom Firth

It’s not, the vote was due to happen, and didn’t, as the article suggests.

It’ll now happen delayed… Potentially by the e-vote by Saturday.