F1’s big video game is out. Do we care?

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That rumble of excitement you’ve been hearing all day, from what I can tell, isn’t the release of the Formula 1 video game.

At least, no one’s come up to me clamoring about it. Is it the down economy? Is my Twitter feed acting up? Is it the fact that Los Angeles had one of its coldest summers ever? Perhaps some bitter combination.

Well, the game is out. Check it:

Marking ship week, Codemasters has today released the official F1 2010 launch trailer video, now showing at www.formula1-game.com and www.facebook.com/formula1game. From Monaco to Monza and Singapore to Silverstone, each of the circuits from the sensational 2010 FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP feature in the video, as stars including Fernando Alonso, Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton race wheel-to-wheel for motorsport’s most prestigious prize. The launch trailer also showcases the dynamic weather effects, fully motion captured pit stops and dramatic night-racing which will take players closer to the sport than ever before.

F1 2010, the official game of FORMULA ONE™, includes all of the official teams, drivers and circuits featuring from this season’s thrilling competition. The game can be enjoyed in an extensive career mode, a range of quick-fire races and time trials or full GRAND PRIX™ weekends. Players will experience the unique sensation of racing motorsport’s most advanced cars at the world’s finest circuits, in single player and 12-player online multiplayer modes.

And tell me: Do we care?


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