F1’s Domenicali ‘ready for a flexible approach on the season’

Source: Lamborghini Media

With COVID-19 lingering like an unwanted guest at a dinner party, F1 boss Stefano Domenicali says they have to be flexible but the series is still shooting for 23 races in 2021.  Stefano told Sky Sports F1.

“What I can share is that I’m personally speaking on a daily basis with all the organisers,” he revealed. “We know the pandemic is still there – that’s why we changed the place in the calendar of Australia.

“But so far the information we have is that everyone really would like to go ahead with the plan. Of course we need to be flexible enough to understand that maybe in the first part of the season we may have some events with no public or with restricted members of the public.

“But what I can assure our supporters, our fans, is that really we want to make sure that the season is there, we have a commitment and we want to take that on board, and we have possible alternatives in case – but so far no one has given us different information to what we have shared.

“This is what we know today, but we know how the pandemic has evolved so we need to be ready for a flexible approach on the season.”

This isn’t an easy task and you have to give credit where it is due in that F1 managed to cobble together a good season in 2020 so I have little doubt they will do the same in 2021 but as to if there are 23 or not, that remains to be seen.

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