F1’s first-ever global marketing campaign

One of the things I always found interesting from a marketing perspective with regards to Formula 1, is that the former owners relied on race promoters, teams and their sponsors to do much of the heavy lifting when it came to marketing of the sport.

To its credit, it didn’t need to do much more to garner 500 million viewers per year but I still found that interesting when viewership began to wane. I always thought F1 could use some marketing of its own and now that seems to be the case for the new owners, Liberty Media.

In its first-ever global marketing campaign, F1 has release a 1-minute video promoting the upcoming season starting in Melbourne Australia. Here is the press release:

Press Release-

The new campaign premieres ahead of the season opener on 25th March, with bold new imagery, a new tagline and a hero film which features six of F1’s biggest super fans.

The 60-second film, released on F1’s social channels on Friday 16th March at 9am GMT, shines a spotlight on the innovation, endurance and elemental nature of the sport, putting superfans at the visceral heart of the action, as though they are the ones battling it out from behind the wheel.

Inspired by the thrilling dance between chaos and control that draws fans to F1, the outtake is Engineered Insanity, the juxtaposition of two opposing forces which make Formula 1 unique; formidable engineering coupled with a no limits mindset.

Engineered Insanity, also the new tagline, forms the backbone of a multi-platform campaign that kicks off in Melbourne with high impact out-of-home advertising, featuring proximity in-airport and in-city posters, hand-painted murals and extending to extensive social and digital channels. It will then roll out to appear in key Grand Prix destinations in China, France, Germany, USA as the season unfolds.

The film’s stars were chosen for their indomitable love for the sport, but also represent the diversity of the Formula 1 fan base. The six fans were subjected to heat, wind and rain in a specially constructed wind tunnel, experiencing first-hand the heart stopping drama of the race.

As the season advances, a new master edit will be cut, documenting how the real action unfolds, and released following each Grand Prix.

Ellie Norman, Director of Marketing, Formula 1 said:

“We want to create a perceptible shift in how people perceive F1. This campaign switches the focus away from our own echo chamber, instead spotlighting why our fans love this sport. Our brief to Wieden+Kennedy London was to translate its raw, exhilarating thrill into something that will transcend its appeal across the entire spectrum of sports fans. Last season, we made a promise to our fans to bring them closer and to reshape the sport into something that resembles what they want to see, the gladiatorial conflict at its heart. Nothing we came up with creatively delivered this better than seeing it through the eyes of our most passionate fans. Across the next year and beyond, we will be creating further fan-centred activations at the races, at fan festivals and across F1 social platforms. Watch this space. We are here to excite.”

The Fan First mentality doesn’t only extend to including fans in the film: they – are going to be actively engaged in the roll-out of the campaign as it gains momentum globally. This will start with the superfan stars being given the chance to tease the campaign first via their own social channels.

The visual language of the campaign will be put into the hands of the broader community of fans through a series of GIFs and interactive Insta stories that enable the viewer to unleash the campaign by tapping through the story.

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Martin Hills

Well, it’s not very well optimised as I have a YouTube feed full of F1 stuff and it hasn’t come up as recommended for me in my feed!

I’m actually watching my first Indy race since Mansell on the Official Indycar YouTube channel as I write – in full, for free. Looks like they go online a few days after the event. It’s this kind of tv access that would help F1 grow its audience, not terrible taglines on marketing videos…


Apparently, you’re not allowed to repost the video.

sunny stivala

Looks more like the newly re-named TPF as per the trade mark rights of LM has been blocked from displaying it on their website as declared and in fact popped-up when clicked to play, it looks like they at LM are being selective as to who are allowed to show it or not, I say this as on other websites I was able to play-it.

sunny stivala

“The sixty second film that…..” I clicked to watch and this is what I got “this video contains content from formula one management, who has blocked it from display on this website or application. watch on youtube”. Yet I have clicked on it and watched it on other websites that to this day uses the “F1” LOGO TO SAY WHAT THEY ARE ALL ABOUT. These three LM amigos cannot be trusted.


The two F1 sites I tried to watch it on had the video blocked. I just went to YouTube, it wasn’t worth the effort.


eh, so what… is that really the best they can do? Does no one there watch the NFL highlight programs?



Schumie Toronto

I watched it, hoping it would convey to a newbie what F1 looks like. What I got was a bombardment of images, flying by so quickly, I could hardly understand it! Stupid images of supposed “fans”, with their faces contorted by some sort of “wind tunnel” …. WTF? I’ve been watching since 1978 and my face has never done that! It also looks like they picked bizzare crashes, like Webber flying up in the air! O.K. so maybe this will draw-in some Americans, who only watch Nascar for the crashes! I bet they paid a fortune for this and I’d… Read more »


I’ve watched the video now, and frankly it’s a bit rubbish.
Sky have been doing similar / better promotional videos for a long time.
The ‘Engineered Insanity’ tagline is descriptive of many aspects of F1, the financial and political ones as well as the racing. I suspect it will be used against L.M as much as it will promote F1.


Clearly I’m in a way different demographic than they are targeting. I prefer my information in much larger chunks. Less hype, more meaningful content. I hope they don’t try to force this approach on each race weekend.