F1’s Haircut | The Parc Fermé F1 Podcast Ep 718

Join Grace and me as we talk about F1 taking a haircut on their FP sessions by a full hour as well as Sebastian Vettel taking a haircut for his new job. No Pandemic Cut for Seb. We also talk about F1 TV, Carlos Sainz and Extreme E.

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charlie w

I stand by my comments about the 30 minutes reduction in FP1 and FP2 sessions-no detriment. If you(I’m looking at you, NC) watch the full sessions to get the latest paddock rumors and speculation from Martin Brundle and Crofty, those items are often repeated later in qualifying session. I, for one, get tired of all Lewis-specific talk from those guys. No, we’re never going to get the full SkyF1 treatment via ESPN. ESPN only gives us the meal, not the appetizers. Last year, I almost bought an F1TV subscription but I’m glad I didn’t because they usually place their off-track… Read more »

Xean Drury

Living in North America where we do, it’s always been a struggle to watch F1 as most races happen in the wee morning hours. I was very hopeful when F1TV was announced, but unfortunately in Canada, you can only either watch the race live, or wait TWO DAYS before re-watching it. And to get a satellite package to watch is just silly as Netflix provides all the screen time I need aside from sport. So until they catch up to applications like NHL GameCenter Live, where you can join live or restart on demand, then I’ll still be using torrents… Read more »