F1’s iPhone App

If I’m reading between the lines correctly, Bernie suggested that local rights to TV broadcast and internet services/marketing/products within each nation belongs to the the highest bidder. Here in the US, that would be SpeedTV.com. He also mentioned the lack of web-based exploitation of the sport, for which Max Mosley criticized Bernie for being out of touch with the whole “inter-web” thing, was due to the fact that each contractually obligated network who owns the rights to broadcast F1 in their nation also has the rights to the internet or web-based marketing and exploitation of the sport for their nation.

So what about the iPhone then? Apparently that is another issue altogether and it seems that Bernie has started to get “hip”, “with it” and “cool” on the “inter-web”. Assuming that the local network stations have no claim on the iPhone or mobile services for their respective nations; this is a welcome sign. Keep it up Bernie.

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