F1’s Lewis Hamilton on The Ellen Degeneres Show

Lewis Hamilton did a great segment on the Ellen show and once again, promoted Formula 1 when the series or other teams and drivers are not doing as much.

this is the great thing about Lewis, he does do a lot of outreach in the US and while you could argue that he’s building his own brand and it’s self-promoting, who cares? Of course it is but it is also promoting Formula 1 and that’s why Mr. E like Lewis’s approach to the media.

Lewis was harangued for his behavior recently at the press conference in Japan but the reality is, he’s a very charming guy and does great with the US media.

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That was really great. I don’t like how petulant he has been lately but this is really classy of him. Good on him.

Don Thorpe

Can’t stand ellen degenerate, but I think he did a good job.


why is she a degenerate?

Dr T

Grab Kimi and thrust him into the limelight I say

Peter Riva

Absolutely right NC, absolutely right – it’s what I was saying. The youngest F1 fans LOVED his press conference rabbit ears, for example. Reach out, broaden the interest, keep F1 alive as the older fans (like me) fade away (ie die).