F1’s new commercial boss reveals 4-point plan

Newly appointed commercial chief of Formula 1, Sean Bratches, says that he has four key areas that he will focus on as Liberty Media ascend on its new acquisition with new management structure and the ousting of 40+ year veteran Bernie Ecclestone as CEO. Motorsport’s Jonathan Noble highlighted the conversation at CNN.

“There are four real things I am going to focus on,” Bratches said. “One is the brand – the brand is the entry-point for any company, any brand, any sport. And we are going to work to understand the brand.

“We are going to polish it, we are going to elevate it. It is going to be really central to what we do. That will allow us to enter new market places.

“It will allow us to take out of the market place what we should on the commercial side from sponsors, from rights holders, to promoters.

“The second is digital. I think there is a huge opportunity in the digital space to re-imagine the digital products that F1 has today, and to engage fans in very new ways and also to use sponsors to activate it.

“The third is creating a much more democratic approach in terms of how we approach our partners – from teams/sponsors/promoters and rights holders. There is a lot of opportunity to leverage the F1 IP to integrate it to their businesses.

“And the last one, is the race experience. Creating a better race experience that engages fans, spectators there and on television is a huge opportunity.”

I’ve no doubt that many may read this list and assume its order is also its ranked priority but my hunch is that they are all equally important to Bratches because they are all equally important to F1.

There is certainly the impression Liberty Media are providing that F1 has not been exploited to its fullest and I’m not sure fans would disagree when it comes to modernizing its consumption model. Bratches offers a different concept moving forward with the commercial side if the business.

“We are going to pivot this from a very deal orientated platform to one with a long-term vision that is focused on a very cadence business strategic approach to running the business.”

Without reading too much into the concept, perhaps we can look for a patterned approach to its commercial agenda and less focus on cutting deals for short-term gains. Regardless, all of the commentary from Liberty Media has been centered on the long term and that’s a refreshing concept from CVC Capital’s days as majority owners.

Hat Tip: Motorsport

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Peter Riva

What does “very cadence business strategic approach” mean? Is that a way to say they are going to pace themselves?


I think it means he hit the ‘random’ button on his business BS generator

charlie white

I went back and read the article on the Motorsport site. Chase Carey said F1(would that be FOM?) only had 1 person in the sponsorship and no one in marketing. Then, it seems in its first year of F1 ownership, their greatest priority will be promotion. A rising tide lifts all boats.

Fred Talmadge

I think the list should be reversed. I’ll make no jokes about polishing your brand. Oops just did.


It will be interesting to see how they will approach things. But I am not so sure a “democratic approach” will work in F1. What did the “democratic” strategy group bring us?

Interestingly not much about the rules. I know Ross Brawn talked about it a bit. But rules are made by FIA, not Liberty. Best way to make racing more exciting: stable rules, wait 3-4 years.

Had to laugh at “pivot this from a very deal orientated platform”. I think it means: “no more used car dealer involved, we are pros!”

Steve Wyant

“better race experience”… What does that mean, exactly?


More graphics crowding the TV screen, presented by little robo-mechs painted in team liveries, simultaneous multi-cam views of each crash (Maldo-Vision?), celebrity color commentators….Oh, and FanBoost. Call me pessimistic. I’ve been called worse.

Skid Solo

Very odd how the last reason, is probably the most important reason (for us race fans anyway). I think their priorities are wrong. Doesn’t give me a warm feeling.

Salvu Borg

All thee brand new appointed LM men has been talking too fast, saying a hell of a lot of what they want to do, making sure all they said sounded nice and good. BUT, firstly most of what they say they want to do will have to wait on concord and contracts times, secondly they will need others on the dance floor to be able to tango. up to just before the LM deal was fixed, potential tension between the new owners ant teams was showing when teams decided shares offered were tasteless. further, Brawn seems to be saying F1… Read more »


107ss……..is that you? where have you been? hope all is well and that you are still making your engines. when are you returning?

Salvu Borg

I am trying hard to reconnect.
Mostly in my workshop making model working engines with a sip of Hi-Spin in-between.
I miss roBO1, Richard and gang.


second one ! first one disappeared. only the tasmanian devil remains

Salvu Borg

roBO1 was a good man, a joy to do battle with.
Richard an experienced man.
The “PLACE” it’s a pity how the administration managed to screw-it so badly.
Still trying to reconnect who “nakagoli” is.


the second one! who discussed faith hope and charity with you and was not a snake but was oe of the three musketeers! now the oldest original since you vanished

Salvu Borg

JusesCHristsuperstar, The second one? that’s still marked in my book as the best of “THE OLD BRITISH SOLID OAK”.
And TAIPAN?, as the best ever “bite” one can witness, as well as a very fast and accurate researcher.
O when I remember how the original three musketeers alone used to run/push those old discussion pages into records of hundreds of clicks/posts.
Now I must go and have a big sip.


are you on any forum or professional site that has a private message facility? would like to keep in touch.
on topic, see that bernie is talking about setting up a rival series and so far he seems to have backing of wolff and horner. possibly marchione too !
liberty are business men and want financial returns. i cannot see them being too successful as they are not diehard sporting fans like bernie. yes, bernie has his defects but without him we probably would not have such a high profile sport

Salvu Borg

I am on many forums but non with privet message facility. I too would like nothing better than to keep in touch with like minded people. Bernie/rival series, I don’t think so, but I sniff as much damage/destruction as he can inflict, which I believe he can. re Wolff/the manufacturers and the grand PR entry push of the 3 new LM men, trace read my posts on here and elsewhere. do keep in touch.


Sounds like a load of corporate-speak BS. I hope I am wrong.


Will ‘finding, polishing and elevating’ the F1 Brand mean that under LM there will be a clear understanding of the purpose of F1? Nah didn’t think so. ‘Being more democratic’ with the stakeholders in F1. It won’t be difficult to be more democratic than Bernie, but getting F1 to act democratically considering common interest is going to require skills that would be better employed in sorting out the UN. As for ‘digital’ isn’t that just a subset of ‘race experience’? And for many of us, aren’t we looking for an enhanced ‘F1 experience’ not just enhanced ‘race experience’? As for… Read more »

Ray Tuck

That entire statement by LM says, whaaaaaaa? Too bad they don’t speak English.