F1’s New Success | The Parc Fermé F1 Podcast Ep 792

Join Grace and me as we discuss Formula 1’s new explosive growth in America. We discuss Drive to Survive, Netflix, platforms and much more. We also discuss how sustainable this new fan base is.

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As much as it would be great to see some of the juniour/reserve drivers at the sprint race, surely it would be more entertaining to get the veterans in. Let’s wheel out Alesi, DC, Rubens, Irvine etc, now that would be fun to watch. As an old fart myself, I think that some of the DTS crowd will stick around, what percentage is hard to know. Now it might be that some will only watch DTS and not the actual race, I remember getting a haircut just before the AUS GP and talking to the barber, and him telling me… Read more »

Xean Drury

I’m glad you brought up the Gen Z comment as I was going to post on that as well. I imagine that my great-grandfather would be speaking of my grandfather in the same way, what with using those new fangled “Tractors” instead of a team of draft horses. Henh, kids these days don’t know from hard work. From what I observed in my own codgerings about my own kids (11 and 13), they are used to working more efficiently than they are harder. Perhaps what is lost is the satisfaction of completing a task ‘The old fashioned way’, but working… Read more »

Xean Drury

Hey both, great podcast once again. I do enjoy these ‘Let’s talk about something’ casts as it like a pallet cleanser amidst the heavier strictly race main courses (to carry the analogy). I disagree that a Formula One race is hard to explain a la, “Hockey: Shoot the puck in the net”. Perhaps being a newer fan from 2008, everyone understands a race: Get to the finish line first. In that vein, rally racing is more difficult to understand at first blush, I would say. Then the F1 cars come in for a pitstop, they put fresh tires on. Again,… Read more »


For retaining the new fans I really hope that they make not the same mistake that the German Broadcaster did. RTL bought the rights to air F1 which had only a small viewership, because Germans were into DTM. And then a year or two later they hit the jackpot, because a certain guy called Michael Schumacher hit the scene. Maybe understandable, but for the next 15 years it became almost a “Michael Schumacher broadcast” and not F1, making Germans Schumacher fans, not F1 fans and thus they stopped viewing when he left. (Same happened in Tennis with Becker and Graf).… Read more »


You ask for my opinion? I’m an old guy. Everything I have to say is predicated on the fact that without broadcast, F1 cannot afford and will not continue. First: 1st Netflix lost 1 million LESS subscribers than people thought. Second: Content is king. Yesterday Netflix co-CEO Reed Hastings declared during the streamer’s Q2 earnings interview Tuesday that linear TV will end within the next decade. Third: The platforms can only provide content, some they will produce, some they will buy. Forth: F1’s endorsement of DTS (forcing teams to participate) is EXACTLY like the weekly film-to-TV shows of the NFL… Read more »

gary said what?

I have no wisdom about Drive to Survive. It’s like a slider. Tasty, but I ain’t exactly lookin’ for top shelf victuals in those moments. I recently tried to return to some kind of interest in baseball. So I tuned in for a game. I was a serious fan until maybe the mid-eighties. So it was quite a shock. Baseball is a sport that has a major problem for those with (yawn) short attention spans. Seems to me they are leveraging very clever sensors and video technology to make each at-bat a mini game. They have dizzying stats on pitch… Read more »

Glen Mhor

Enjoyed the break from the norm and Grace is always insightful.