F1’s New Year’s Resolutions | Podcast Ep 869

Formula 1 Podcast
The Parc Fermé F1 Podcast

Join Grace, Paul and me as we share what we think should be the new year’s resolutions for all teams and drivers. We offer many resolutions about cars, drivers, managers and much more.

In this episode, Todd, Grace and Paul discuss their New Year’s resolutions for Formula 1 teams and drivers. They also switch recording platforms and invite Patreon supporters to join the live recording. The conversation covers topics such as music, Red Bull’s performance, and the potential of Sergio Perez. The main takeaways include the importance of evolution in car development and the need for maximizing drivers’ potential.


  • New Year’s resolutions for Formula 1 teams and drivers are discussed.
  • Switching recording platforms allows for live audience participation.
  • The importance of evolution in car development is highlighted.
  • Maximizing drivers’ potential is crucial for success.

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Surely a resolution for Ferrari would be to start holding Vrooom events again?

Xean Drury

The live chat was a lot of fun. Hope to join again! As the resident Haas fan, I agree that they definitely need a shake up. I think that The Geunt is an easy target, but that’d be just window dressing. I still think that Dallara is still an issue for them, and whoever had been both designing and evaluating the cars. How can they, for so many season in a row, design a car that goes backwards race after race? You can’t tell me they haven’t figure out the concept of ‘Long Runs’ at this point in the game.… Read more »