F3’s ‘Green’ race car

World First Racing Car
While Max waxes poetic about how “Green” F1 is and should be, there are a group of folks that have actually put their money where their mouth is. The World First F3 car is the first racing car designed from Sustainable materials.

Following the recent turmoil in Formula 1 arising from the high costs of running competitive motor racing teams, and doubts in sponsors minds over the commercial value of their involvement, the viability of motor racing is being critically questioned.

With this in mind the Warwick Innovative Manufacturing Research Centre (WIMRC), part of Warwick University, are seeking to prove to the motor industry that it is possible
to build a competitive racing car using environmentally sustainable components.

The new WorldFirst racecar is a clever piece of lateral thinking. It is the first Formula 3 racing car designed and made from sustainable and renewable materials, putting the world first by effectively managing the planet’s resources.

The WorldFirst F3 racing car is sponsored by the Warwick Innovative Manufacturing Research Centre (WIMRC).

What?? This car doesn’t even have KERS? Take note Max, they beat you at your own game and I suggest that these folks are not just “greenwashing” like you are.

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