Fair Warning: We’re Back!

The good thing about taking some time off, driving to Indianapolis Motor Speedway and enjoying a MotoGP race with Grace and Victoria is that you have a great time with even better company. Equally, the great thing about SJ Skid’s life is being able to take some time off, right after a vacation, to attend another vacation. Let’s face it, Steve needs a vacation from his vacation after all that activity.

The bad thing about Grace, Steve, Victoria and myself all being at a MotoGP race or on vacation at the same time is that you, the reader, have to suffer with a stagnant website for over 48 hours. That’s a big no-no in F1B land. Ironically, the hotel we were at had horrible internet which must have been a 33kbs modem wired to a 9v. battery for some semblance of Power-Over-Ethernet. This rendered my attempt at any updates useless and the F1B Suite did not have WiFi in it leaving us befuddled after watching the Belgian Grand Prix.

From all of us at F1B, please accept our most sincere apologies for leaving you home alone and we will try very hard not to stay in another Wyndham Hotel as long as we live…or at least I will try to understand it was a GP week and Randy de Puniet was staying at our hotel hogging all the broadband. Those 6mb pics of his abs take a long time to upload to his publicist apparently.

We do apologize, however, but must say thank you to all of the people who made the F1B Suite possible including my dear friend Mark M. and his friends. We also must say hello to all the F1B fans we met at the track and thank you for your continued support. You are too kind. Just as Jules and Jim of MotoGPOD were very gracious in letting us visit their meet-up and taking some time to chat with us.

Want to know my take on the weekend? Didn’t think so but for those of you who said “yes” (Nick Heidfeld’s Mom), here it is:

The race was (avert your eyes MotoGP people) processional with one good pass for the lead, which is just fine in my book, and it was a very exciting time nonetheless. Just as F1 races are as well even when processional.

The MotoGP bikes sound terrific (although I like the sound of the Honda’s the best) and 200+ mph on the main straight is insanity. Pure insanity.

I liked the Moto2 race as well and the 125’s but feel horrible for the MD250H thirteen-year-old racer, Peter Lenz of Vancouver, Washington, who died after being hit by another racer when he fell off his bike on a warm up lap. A sober, stark and tragic reminder of just how dangerous this sport really is. Our condolences go our to the Lenz family.

I was very excited for Ben Spies and his 2nd place finish. I wanted Jorge Lorenzo to issue a beat down on poor Ben though. Didn’t happen but Lorenzo was terrific.

The IMS facility is a nice place and very big. The suite was very nice, the food terrific and the weather slightly hot on race day. I must have heard a mention of the “Hulman-George Family” over a dozen times on the house PA about the fact that they were in attendance. They were going to be down to the track soon. They would be giving the riders the call to start the engine. That they were, in fact, in attendance and at the facility. They took a breath. They may or may not actually meet the little people. Sheesh, I though this was the place to worship speed, not the Hulman-George Family. You own a track? It’s 100 years old? That’s awesome! Are you the Queen of England? I think not. Call the owners of Brooklands, perhaps they can tell you what track ownership is like on a circuit that’s over 100 years old and how fans don’t have to worship their presence. The facility is very nice and big but it’s a Roval.

The infield merchandise was nice but I was surprised there wasn’t more individual rider merchandise booths. I guess I was tainted by the semi-truck full of Danica Patrick swag at the Indycar races. Didn’t seem right that I could only find two places to buy Jorge Lorenzo branded underwear for Grace but that’s okay, she didn’t want any.

Red Bull? Well played. Nice sponsorship. I have to ask, why did all of your stands, booths and concessions just have the little cans? I needed to huge can and no one had any of those. That’s a little odd isn’t it?

Yamaha: This is a motorcycle race. Why did your tent have half of your catalog of musical instruments in it? I get it, you sell musical instruments but is there some study showing that MotoGP fans all play musical instruments? I can see the confusion as James Toseland’s band Crash was playing at just about every stage in the infield and perhaps you felt this might have a knock-on effect but seriously? Bringing everything but a piano? That’s a real non sequitur.

Grace? Well, she’s Grace and that’s all I really need say about that.

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