Fake Charlie Whiting joins formula1blog.com

Formula1blog.com is pleased to announce the arrival of Mark McArdle or Fake Charlie Whiting (@charlie_whiting) to the F1B staff. Within this role, McArdle will bring his Formula One insight, wit and wisdom to the pages and podcasts of Formula1blog.com.

“I’m very excited to be joining the team at F1B,” said McArdle. “I’ve been a fan of theirs for a long time and wanted to be a part of the Journal of F1 Opinion. They truly are one of the best blogs because they place quality over quantity and provide a safe harbor for new and veteran fans of this great sport.”

McArdle is perhaps best known as the Fake Charlie Whiting on Twitter and his followers have enjoyed a nonstop stream of humor, wit, wisdom and a slice of irreverence all in good fun posing as the artificial voice of FIA race director Charlie Whiting. His tweets garnered so much attention that McArdle was invited by the REAL Charlie Whiting to join him at the 2012 Canadian Grand Prix.

McArdle described that race weekend as a weekend like no other and meeting the real Charlie Whiting and discovering that he was a very good-natured gentleman who appreciated McArdle’s humor was all the better.

The Fake Charlie Whiting will be offering Opinion/Editorial content, insight and technical features as well as commentary at F1B. As a Technology industry professional and columnist for print publications, McArdle joins a team of dedicated F1 fans ranging from professional journalists to professional racecar drivers.

For more information, please contact Formula1blog.com via: negativecamber@theparcferme.com or visit the F1B website at www.formula1blog.com. Mark McArdle can be found on Twitter @charlie_whiting and F1B can be followed @formula1blog

Formula1blog.com began in 2005 and has become one of the world’s largest Formula One blogs. With the highest and most rated podcast on iTunes and millions of pageviews each year, Formula1blog.com has become a safe harbor for new and veteran F1 fans alike. It’s simple rule of “Decorum & Civility” has been its guiding principle and it is recognized as the F1 fans voice for North America as well as the world.



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Schumi Toronto

Uh-ha NC! I finally found F.C.W.! If you recall, I was trying to find-out who he is, so that maybe we can meet for a beer here in Toronto sometime! Just call me “Cluso” from now on! You did tell me that it really wasn’t hard to figure-out! LOL! You might have told me that it’s right here on the F1B site …. right under my nose! I’ve contacted him via LinkedIn. I’ll let you know, if and when I meet up with him.