Fame and Urinals | The Parc Fermé F1 Podcast Ep 759

Join Grace and me as we discuss the passing of Sir Frank Williams. We share a few stories about Frank and Williams and discuss our view of his legacy. We also talk about urinal etiquette and much more. 

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jiji the cat
  1. Williams were sponsored by Winfield for a while. Aussie Tobacco Brand.
  2. Adam Parr, yeah been listening to the Book on my commute – not the best.
  3. Paddy Lowe – Would you like a cucumber sandwich Clare? – Gold
  4. New Word of the day “Hornerness”, thanks you Grace.
  5. McLaren – yeah bring on IMSA. Would be great. McLaren in 3 series, but would they be spread to thin?
  6. Welcome back Grace – we miss you, well this cat does.
  7. Thanks for the Shout Out – cant wait for the next catch up.

They also had Camel sponsorship on the active suspension cars and then had Rothmans for years

jiji the cat

of coursethey did, forgot about that too.


The comments below were all I also wanted to add… but there is one more thing… Williams Engineering is tied to RR electric plane testing right now! That company is top notch in engineering thanks to Sir Frank.

Xean Drury

“And now we get to Albon’s Cats…”
“SIT DOWN TOD! I have a whole notebook of crap I’ve wanted to say for a loooong time!”
XD This was the most entertaining Cat’s in a long time, and just the right humour to end such a Williams reflective show. Thank you Grace.

What do we all think of Jedi GP? Such a fast course, me thinks will be a snooze fest where the order will sort itself out early, and all the focus will be on whether Max can catch Lewis (unfortunately, as I’m pulling for Max). ~X8

Xean Drury

Agreed. Especially with Abu Dhaba Do being reprofiled to be faster. Or a well timed crash. Either or XD
Or they may bring an alleged Merc-like bendy back wing to the last race. Would that be worth the risk of DQ?? For once I’m looking forward to Abu Dhabi ~X8


Quote of the year, “Karen Horner”.