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I have had lots of emails from very nice people offering their services as F1 game creators and hosts. I have also been asked many times which F1 fantasy game I am playing this year or if I would join one with them. You all have been more than nice and the offers are very much appreciated.

Here is the F1 Fantasy game that I, Negative Camber, am playing this year. There is a method to my madness as I know there are lots of leagues out there with big pay offs and money but here is the reasoning:

A very dear friend of mine, Greg White, who owns a fabulous diecast model cars and book store here in St. Louis Missouri (USA), has been running an F1 fantasy game for a long time. His store, Designs in Motion, is a terrific place to visit online or in person and I highly recommend you call Greg for any diecast needs you may have. You can check out his website here.

Greg is putting up prizes as well:

1st Place – $75.00 Gift Certificate to Designs In Motion (DIM)

2nd Place – $50.00 Gift Certificate to DIM

3rd Place – $25.00 Gift Cert to DIM

As a good and loyal friend, it is a pleasure to support Greg, his store and his fantasy league for 2010. I hope you join us as you only have two days left. :)

Here are the instructions:

Go to this link:

Go to “Navigation” box in upper left corner of the page.

Click on “Instructions”.

Under Instructions, read through the “General” paragraph, then proceed to the “Registering” section. Click on “Create a user account”.

Under User Name, put in the name you wish to call your “team” and your email address. (Note: If you participated last year, you can log in with previous password, or if you forgot, simply ask for new one, which will be sent immediately by email, as in my case.)

Under “Fantasy F1 2010” in upper left, Click on “My Teams” then “Create Team”.

The directions are pretty simple – 90 million pounds to spend. Buy
two drivers (from different teams), a chassis and an engine.

Click on “Join League” (upper left box) and scroll alllllllllllll… the way down to the StL F1 league. Select it. It’s a private league so it will ask for a
password – enter formula1 as the password. Your team will join the
league – that’s it!!

Please limit entries to one per person, but other 2-legged family member Formula 1 fans can enter!

As it is a free game, please only one entry. Give everyone a chance Paul! Hope to see you there.

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