FBC Downshift- Alex Schutte

I had the pleasure of speaking with Alex Schutte on his racing career which went from American road racing to NASCAR and oval racing when he reached a fork in the road.

Why did he make the decision he made? You’ll have to listen to find out but suffice it to say, Alex shares what had to change in his driving style, what the new series has taught him and what road racing skills serve him best in his new endeavor.

Alex is, like most of our friends at Simraceway, an incredibly delightful guy to speak with. There’s no doubt he knows how to hustle a car and I think you’re going to welcome Alex to our current friends, TJ Fischer, Jeff Westphal and Matt Bell as we follow his career very closely.

Schutte Alex NASCARYou can follow Alex and his career here at his FB page.


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Daniel Johnson

I do appreciate the rare oval content on here. The best analogy I’ve had of the difference between Oval and Road is that in Road you’re racing the course (like golf) on Oval you’re racing the other drivers. It’s much more like hand to hand combat. Much like what Alex was describing about working to just get enough inside that they can’t chop down in front of you. Like on short tracks there just are no gaps it’s constant overtaking and passing and trying to out fox people. Compare that to a normal F1 (or any other road race) where… Read more »