FBC Downshift- EXCLUSIVE: Will Buxton & Jason Swales of NBC Sports

Join Will, Jason and me as we discuss life in the paddock, how broadcasts are made, the challenges bringing Formula 1 to America via NBC Sports, McLaren, Ferrari, Mercedes, and some of the action from the first race of the season.

We discuss passing and Aerodynamics and a very cunning way to possibly induce more passing this season. It is a great honor to have the paddock side of the NBC Sports team on the show and I’m incredibly grateful for their time.

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Gordon Robertson

I remain hopeful Will at some point will stop with the “silver arrow” term. We made it a drinking game. Thankfully I DVRed the race so when we sobered up watched the 2nd half.

Meine Postma

Well. there is something to be said for history; Mercedes is to only team who can claim the “silberpfeile” name (given that Auto-union does not race anymore)

Joseph Simmons

Your podcast illustrates the time and access you’ve been able to gain over the years. For you to be able to speak with these individuals demonstrates the level of professionalism, which you have created with this podcast. You were able to gain insight into the season opener and the relationship of the two individuals. You made them quite comfortable which created a free flowing session. But Todd, if I was in Liberty Media organization, I would be coming bongers especially hearing that with little forth thought to how the segments with those two was approved! With the little of amount… Read more »

Zachary Noepe

Very interesting to hear their thoughts and goes to show, I think, how hard it is to manage F1 to produce a pleasing product. The ideas discussed – simple standard wing for all teams, cheaper simpler engine similar to past ones, etc. seem likely to produce close racing and allow for small teams, yet the cars they’d produce would be some sort of bastard love child from the union of a vintage class and a spec class. Is that the pinnacle of motorsport? I guess it is if watching racing on track is motorsport, and there’s a strong case that’s… Read more »