FBC Downshift- Ferrari & Shell: Finali Mondiali

I had a tremendous opportunity to join Shell and Ferrari for the Finali Mondiali in Daytona this past weekend and apart from driving a Ferrari 458 Spider in one of the largest Ferrari parade laps, taking hot laps with Sebastian Vettel and witnessing Formula 1 cars on a banked circuit, I also had some fun conversations with Kimi Raikkonen, Sebastian Vettel, Marc Gené and Sergio Marchionne. 

In this episode, I share with you those conversation and press conferences and I am sure you will enjoy hearing their comments about F1 and motorsport. 

A HUGE thank you to Shell and Ferrari for allowing us to tag along for what truly was an amazing event!


BTR Player:


marc-gene-ferrari ferrari-488-challenge maurizio-and-me marchionne-sergio-press f1-clienti

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Schumi Toronto

NC .. is that your cowboy hat and microphone, interviewing Marc Gene?

Negative Camber

No, no…that’s not my style mate. It’s Hennesy. Nice group of guys doing video over the weekend. didn’t get a chance to talk to them a lot but they seemed to have a good time.

Schumi Toronto

I didn’t think so, but I was hoping it was, so that I could nominate you for a Lewis Hamilton Fashion Award! LOL!


Possibly the Giancarlo Fissichella sunglasses award.comment image


Lucky you. That must have been awesome. I was tempted to drive down for the F1 cars on track, and maybe would have been more tempted had I known that Seb and Kimi were gonna be driving them. That must have been amazing to passenger with Seb. Do you have an onboard interview like you did previously with him?

charlie white

I didn’t get my invitation for Finali Mondiali and I’m surprised some enterprising cable sports channel did not at least broadcast some of it(why didn’t USA F1 broadcaster NBCSN cover this? the old SPEED channel would had been all over it). Besides teasing NASCAR’s top dictator about potential Dodge return, I bet Sergio talked to Disney’s corporate brass about building a Ferrari World theme park somewhere in central Florida.

Reginald Pettifogger

NBCSN wasn’t interested as there was no Futbol component.