FBC Downshift- Season preview presentation audio- St. Louis show

Each year, for about 15 of them now, I have done a Formula 1 season preview presentation here is St. Louis, Missouri (USA) for a group of F1 fans. The presentations have been organized by my dear friend Greg White (Master of diecast cars) and catered by Alex Londe (of Can-Am Cars). this year was no exception and around 100 wonderful F1 fans turned out for the presentation this week.

All these years of doing the presentation and I have never taken video or recorded one until this year. After several requests, I thought I would balance the audio as best I could and post the entire presentation audio if you care to listen.

They are always wonderful events with terrific fans and I am honored to be asked each year to give the presentation on the upcoming season. We cover the sport, politics, technical regulation changes for the upcoming season as well as the teams, drivers and cars.

Of course I have a PowerPoint that goes with the presentation that you don’t get to see in a podcast but if you wondered what we talk about, now you can hear for yourself. I did a similar presentation for the Lotus Owners Group of America talking about Lotus and F1 and had a terrific time. 

BTR Player:

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Thanks for this for us Todd, I’m looking forward to listening to it.
But that will be next week after the Aussie GP, we’ll see if your crystal ball was working ;-)

Paul KieferJr

1. That works out to an extra 7 inches per tire.
2. I’d rather that they just leave the cars in the garage until it stops raining and the track has dried out, but that’s just me.
3. No, not a fan of the shark fin.
4. The T-wing is not an issue (unless it goes flapping around like on the Haas car).
5. Even Ted Kravitz couldn’t find out why Lowe left.
6. For a moment, I thought Stroll was Maldonado reincarnated.