FBC indi Episode 26 — Capitalizing on live streams and a preview of the Indy GP

Doug and John look at IndyCar’s desire to capture the live streaming magic that surrounded Alonso’s test, we look at how seriously we should be taking the rumors of fly-away races to Mexico and China, and we preview this weekend’s Indianapolis GP that marks the official start of the Month of May.

Life has smacked us around a bit this past month, and although we had Episodes 24 and 25 recorded, getting them edited and uploaded fell through the cracks. Although dated, here they are for you amusement.

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What? Posting three episodes on the same day? You guys deprived me, then created a problem. Cramming session :)


Yeah, end of semester is always brutal. Add to that a number of other chaos-inducing matters, and I’ve been extremely strapped for time. I’m working on some contingency plans going forward so this doesn’t happen again.

John The Race Fan

Coji, First. and foremost. Thanks for listening and providing feedback. I’m sorry we haven’t met expectation (not that we’ve defined that expectation, really). We are amateurs, and it shows. We aren’t Marshall Pruett & Robin Miller and plugged into everything VICS with a major publication’s resources behind us. I can’t speak for Tom & Doug, but when we do our weekly Skype to record, it’s really like 3 friends meeting in a pub to shoot the shit. The waffling comes from us catching up on lives and mundane stuff we have going on, good, bad or indifferent. And it eats… Read more »



It’s not looking good, but beautification is possible and easy conpared to the rest.

I don’t have expectations of you guys, apart from at least some IC chat, which you do. This one just felt different to me. I’m not considering leaving you all though.