FBC Live: Canadian GP FP1 commentary

If you live in the US, then you may be familiar with the NBC Sports Extra app or online portal to watch live events as they happen. The great thing about NBC is while they don’t cover the Free Practice 1 and Free Practice 3 session, they do stream the world feed live from NBCSN Extra.

We’ve done this in the past but Paul and I are keen to give it a go this weekend starting Friday morning at 10am EST. We’ve be firing up a Google Hangout On Air system for everyone to join us as we offer some of our FBC commentary to the world feed.

You’ll need to open the NBCSN Extra app, stream the world feed in one window and then join the Google Hangout On Air session in another window. We should have a chat window so you can interact with us and it is usually a lot of fun to chat and watch the session along with all of you.

Check your local start time in the NBCSN Extra app and then joining the Google Hangout On Air session via this link:


 or on youTube here:

Live Google Hangout Player:

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Why the pictures of Spa?

Sometimes it rains in Canada….

Negative Camber

That’s a pic that is tied to the streaming account. It uses that for a thumbnail.


On the subject of Canada and more specifically one specific Canadian, I just heard a rumour about why Martin Brundle only learned mid-race that he was going to do the Monaco podium interviews. Apparently, Justin Bieber was slated to do them, but this was vetoed by the Royal family… Good on them! This weekend, however, F1 is in Canada. So will we finally get to hear the official podium interview start out with a “Wow, dawg! You killed, man!” Oh, so I have waited for this moment… not.

Dr T

Post of the year here Todd…


a very cool idea. but damn pesky work is getting in the way…

Dr T

So we aren’t going to get commentary of the add breaks?


Worth getting up at midnight for. Is there a chat anywhere?

Negative Camber

I’ll have to work on the chat. WE could use Twitter and the hashtag #f1chat

charlie white

I have 4 F1-loving internet friends whom we all date back to the peak days of AOL and we still meet up every Monday night at 10PM EDT on Kiwiirc.com just we did on AOL. It’s free, easy to use

Tim C.

Really enjoyed the commentary. I especially liked the back and forth on other topics, not just the action on the track (though that was great as well). Look forward to tomorrow’s session.

Negative Camber

Thanks for joining us folks, enjoyed it and I hope you did too. You can listen to it on our YouTube channel as it saves the session for those of you who couldn’t make it live.


charlie white

When do we get interactive on Google Hangouts?

The Captain


I’ve been on the road for work since last sat and I actually pulled off the herculean feat of staying off the internet all week. Yea you’ve read that right I DID NOT GO ON THE INTERNET ALL WEEK. Just so I could watch this race when I got home just now.

God damn I HATE you NBC!

And no Todd, I’m not blaming Lee Diffy, or anyone on the broadcast personally. BUT I sure as hell are blaming NBC for showing ladies golf instead… GOLF!!!!