FBC Podcast #420- Spanish GP review

Join Paul and me as we review the Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix. We cover each team as the finished and even have our new Carmen Jorda Insight Minute. We offer awards and anecdotal tales of woe. Who got drive of the race? Who was the Donkey of the race? Was there even a Pass of the race? You can find out here.

Pastor Maldonado…F1’s Boo Radley


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Does this mean we light a joint while listening to this one? #420

Negative Camber

Clearly the RSS for this podcast was stoned.


podcast is not being loaded on iTunes, please fix the feed. thanks.

Chuck C

Yeah, I’m using iCatcher and am getting nothing but “Cannot access feed” errors.

Negative Camber

Should be fixed now. Give a try and let me know if you still don’t see it.

Junipero Mariano

It’s back up, thank you!


You guys were talking about the pit stops and why they have so many people on and want to do it in 2 seconds. I’m surprised you didn’t mention “The Show”. That’s why they allow so many people, because they want pit stops to be so quick. It’s impressive and it’s something the sport is known for in the general public. If I talk to somebody about Formula 1 and they’re not a motorsports fan, I can pretty much guarantee they’ll mention how quick the pit stops go. And that’s a good thing for F1, they want to keep that.


This is a great point. F1 needs all the spectacle it can get that isnt contrived. Quick pit stops also allow the teams to “place” the car on track with more accuracy and that results in fun to watch drama.

What about simply ruling “The front jack man must stand aside until the car comes to a stop”. All the other guys can stay where they are but if water or brake issues cause problems, nobody is in the way.


I must be alone but I could not care less about pit stops. I appreciate their strategic value but adding value to the “show” I disagree.

But someone getting hit in the nuts is always funny.


I’m with you. Pit stops are something which are only a matter of focus because cars can’t pass on the track. They’re a symptom of a problem. Next they’ll let you start in the order your car arrives at the track and we’ll be watching the semis try to beat each other there from the airport. BORING!


Semi truck racing? Count me in!


Oww… My pride….

Good point about the context behind the win. Its just something doesnt sit right with me of “The win counts for more if you fail beforehand”.

Junipero Mariano

I think Lewis winning more championships is almost a foregone conclusion, especially with continued Mercedes dominance. Thus it makes Nico grabbing even one title the deeper and more interesting struggle.

PS. Well, if if you’re driving last year’s Prius this year, you’d know how save tires too.

PPS. There is something up with iTunes. I couldn’t download this week’s or last week’s podcast directly to my phone through the app. I even tried unsubscribing and resubscribing to no avail. The podcast app states “The link is not a valid Podcast.”


Much like Elvis, Todd has only visited the UK while waiting for a connecting flight.

Negative Camber

I know…everyone knows I am a huge Anglophile and you would think some UK-based company would really be keen to fly me over and give me the tour but no, I sit at Heathrow for a few hours and that’s it. That’s the extent of my English tour.


I can’t help but feel Lotus and Maldonado’s propensity to mangle their E23 Hybrid was somehow due in part to the “Mad Max” sponsorship on the side of the car this week.


When you guys were talking about Lewis and how he kept clouting the curb on the last turn I wonder how much that was him trying to compensate for understeer. On the Sky broadcast there was a great moment when Brundle pointed out, during that period when they were on a shot of Hamilton chasing Seb, how whenever Lewis got near him the car would just seem to stop turning making it nearly impossible to stay near him. I’ve picked up from Brundle this year that there may be some growing discontent about how the regulations have created this issue.… Read more »

Negative Camber

It’s a really good point as we tend to speak mainly of the engines but clearly the aero changes have played a big role and shouldn’t be overlooked. Thanks for pointing that out.


I understand NC cannot stand Pastor Maldonado, but he did pass Jenson Button’s McLaren in a legitimate move with HALF A WING. That either tells you something about Maldonado or it tells you something about McLaren. Regarding Hamilton, what a fascinating guy. How someone with as much going for him as this guy could be so desperate as to stuff a bunch of socks in his underwear and post pictures of himself that way is a mystery. But regardless, as we watched his early season professionalism and focus, we knew it couldn’t last forever. Maybe should’ve finished that last 0.4%… Read more »

Negative Camber

I actually like Pastor and I’ve ridden in a elevator with him for heaven’s sake. I’ve defended him quite a bit here at FBC thank you. :)

Joseph Simmons

Am I completely off base, but could LCH won the GP by staying out on a 2 stop strategy with a longer stint on the medium tires. With his pace, he would have still be able to pass Vettel. Then he would have undercut Rosberg sitting up a more competitive ending. Because Mr. Perfect has not passed since the 2014 Bahrain; oops it didn’t stick

Negative Camber

I’m not sure but I know he radioed in and said that he couldn’t get close to Nico without losing the front end. He sounded like it was not possible and then team changed to plan b. I assume they know the timing wasn’t working out.

Paul KieferJr

1. …and that’s one! (yay.) 2. It could also be that Rosberg had finally hunkered down and put together a speciacular quali lap that put him in great position for the win. 3. Rosberg really needed that win, and in that fashion. That should be enough to get him back in the game. 4. In terms of damage control, that was great on Hamilton’s part. 5. ….and that would explain why Ferrari didn’t quite have the pace that they had earlier. 6. Bottas surprised a lot of people by staying in 4th ahead of Raikkonen. 7. We are seeing the… Read more »