FBC Staff Picks: Australian GP results

You know how IndyCar likes to jack with the final race of the season and give the drivers double points? Well, F1 did that in Australia, except they didn’t give double points to the drivers…they give triple points to Paul.

Having been one of only two staffers either brave enough or with enough foresight to pick a Ferrari to beat the mighty Mercs, Paul not only picked up the win with Vettel, but he correctly chose all of the top four finishers! That grand slam amassed a whopping twenty-two points, which was more than three times the seven points that Dave picked up via Hamilton in 2nd and Massa in 6th.

Johnpierre, the other staffer to go with a Ferrari, albeit Raikkonen, also took home six points for Hamilton in 2nd, putting him in a tie for 3rd place with Tom, who correctly chose Bottas and Verstappen’s finishing places. Grace also picked up four points for Bottas in 3rd, while Todd picked up three for Verstappen and Massa. Andrew and Tony were the only staffers to go scoreless after the first round of the season, but both are only seven points out of second place! Of course, everyone is already miles behind Paul.


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Those driver reviews must have given Paul extra insight……..

Paul KieferJr

I only got 1 point out of the whole thing.