FBC Staff Picks: Austrian GP Results


It’s great when the real world point standings reflect the FBC Staff Championship points. Just as the battle tightens up between the Mercedes protagonists, so too does our fight. The three staffers who were once miles ahead of the field have been allowing the others to catch up as of late. Though he maintained his lead, Johnpierre went scoreless this weekend for only the second time this season, but both of those occurrences have been in two of the last three rounds.Todd failed to pick up any points, as well, but also managed to keep his previous position. Dave, who was at the top of the standings just four rounds ago, has failed to score in the three races since, dropping him from 1st all the way back to 5th. All of this has allowed the remaining five staffers to make some serious inroads, particularly since each of them picked up nine points for Lewis’ victory in Austria.

Though no other points were scored, Grace and Andrew each moved up a position, while the gap between 2nd and 7th is now just twelve points! It is difficult from week to week to decide if one should go for Rosberg or Hamilton, which can make for some pretty serious fluctuation in the points following each round. If any one of us were to vote outside of the box for a non-Merc driver and actually pick up the win, that could seriously throw a monkey wrench into the works. But given the variety of pilots who have occupied the podium along with the title contenders, even that could be a very difficult guess to make.


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Paul KieferJr

So, now I’m tied with Andy. Interesting company there.