FBC Staff Picks: British GP results

Having gone scoreless for two races in a row, Johnpierre had lost his lead to Todd once the British Grand Prix was ‘complete’. The FBC big boss man had scored a massive twenty points by way of Hamilton’s win, Rosberg in 2nd, Ricciardo in 4th and Raikkonen one spot back in 5th. Tom, Andrew, Grace and Dave had all also scored at least fifteen points due to the Mercedes duo’s finishing order on the top two steps of the podium. Three hours later, however, they all lost at least six points when the powers that be in F1 deemed Mercedes to have run afoul of the radio rules.

The only staffers to come out ahead when Nico was moved back to 3rd behind Verstappen were JP, who managed to keep his championship lead, and Tony, who moved up from 6th to a tie for 5th with Dave having actually picked the German to come 3rd. But with all staffers except for JP having picked Hamilton for the win, the rest of the field moved ever closer to the front. What was a twenty-seven point gap between the top six staffers one week ago is now down to just fourteen with Tom just a further five points back. Other than the points for the win and those non-Nico points picked up by Todd and the actual Nico points picked up by Tony, a single tic for Perez in 6th was a good choice for Tom, Andrew and Grace. But now we sit and wait again to see if Mercedes can talk the F1 big wigs into reinstating the original finishing order. If so, we’ll need to bust out the trusty calculator again and go about changing up our own FBC Staff Championship finishing order.


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peter riva

But isn’t Rosberg now 4th?

Negative Camber


Paul KieferJr

….and I’m back up to 3rd between Todd & Grace (69 points). :-D