FBC Staff Picks: British GP results

My goodness. Had the final three laps of the 2017 British Grand Prix not transpired as they did or had either of the Ferrari’s not suffered from tire issues or had Bottas not caught Raikkonen…the various possibilities hold so many possible outcomes in regards to the FBC Staff Championship. At least six of the eight staffers would have had completely different points total, some even getting the top four finishers correct. But as it was, some lucked out and some lost out.

This week’s big winner was Andrew, who is slowly and steadily making his way up the field. Four rounds ago, he was back in seventh position, some twenty-two points out of third place. Now, thanks to good points scored in the previous three rounds and, now, twenty more points by way of correctly choosing both of the Mercedes and both Red Bulls, Andrew is in fifth, but just five points out of third. But that battle for third is still very tight, with four staffers now separated by ten points. Tom squeaked by Todd into third with correct guesses for Hamilton and Bottas.

Tony picked up those same fifteen points to both widen that gap back to third, as well as to slightly close the gap to Paul in first. Paul, Grace and Todd all took home nine points for Hamilton’s victory, while Dave also picked up nine by way of Bottas and Verstappen’s finishing positions. Poor Johnpierre has now gone seven straight races without a single point, the only staffer to not score in Great Britain. Along with Grace, last year’s champion, the top two finishers in 2016 are now bringing up the back of the field in 2017. That’s usually how it goes with the FBC Staff Championship, though.


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Johnpierre Rivera

poor me is right, but there is a method to my maddness. ever heard the saying when you win you really loose and when you loose your really win??? how is that for cryptic???