FBC Staff Picks: Grace wins FBC Championship!

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Having gone down to the final round of the season, the 2016 FBC Staff Championship was essentially a two horse race in the end between Grace, who had taken the points lead with just three races left, and a hard charging Johnpierre (JP) managed to rack up an amazing seventy-six points in the final four rounds, having been back in fifth position as recently as the Japanese Grand Prix.

Tony held a nineteen point lead over Todd at that time of the season, but both of those staffers would fall to the wayside. While JP was racking up his massive points haul, Grace was pulling in similar numbers. She and Todd would remain tied for second following the U.S.G.P., but Tony’s run at the top would soon come to an end. Having led for six straight rounds, the longest streak of the year, the Texan would score just eleven points in the last four races of the year. Todd would do just marginally better to come home third in the final standings.

Grace came into Abu Dhabi with a three point lead over Johnpierre. Both of them would pick Hamilton for the win, but JP would also pick up an additional six points for Rosberg in second, plus Ricciardo back in fifth for a total of seventeen points. Grace, meanwhile, would get LewHam’s points, plus Verstappen, Ricciardo and Raikkonen in fourth, fifth and sixth respectively, giving her fifteen points.

Once the math was done, Grace was the 2016 FBC Staff Champion by a single point! She also became the first staffer to repeat as champion, having first beat us all back in 2013. Previous season winners include Laura in 2012, JP in 2014. Last year’s winner, Tom, unfortunately brought up the rear of the pack this season. Andrew did him self proud in the final race by picking up eighteen points via Lewis, Nico and Max to jump from seventh to fifth in the standings, nudging ahead of Dave and Paul who tied for sixth.

Unlike the real F1 season, which only saw the two Mercedes drivers lead the standings, the FBC Staff Championship was shared by five of the eight staffers. JP held the lead for eight of the twenty-one rounds, with Tony being out front for six. Dave led for two and Todd for a single round, but Grace was out front for a single race early on and then the final three. As would make sense with the final standings, Grace had the most correct picks throughout the course of the season with thirty-one, just one more than Todd, while Tom had the fewest with twenty.

Grace also had the most correct picks for the winning drivers with twelve. Paul had a knack for calling First Out, which he did on three occasions, while the full podium was only picked correctly six times, once each by Grace, Tony, Dave and Tom and twice by JP. All staffers went scoreless for at least three races, with Dave failing to get any points seven times. Johnpierre and Tony each scored the most points in a single race on seven weekends, but that wasn’t enough for either of them to keep up with the eventual champ, Grace!



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But… is she a worthy and deserved winner? Or did she luck into it because of other people’s breakdowns?

Just kidding :-) Congrats to Grace!

Negative Camber

No, I had a engine failure and to be honest, it’s the team’s fault I didn’t win.

Actually, I’m elated for Grace and happy to be on the podium. What a nail biter huh? Down to one point victory over JP!


I get it – you can’t say too much, but “someone” is trying to hold you back. :-p

Negative Camber

You’ll have to read about this season and what really happened when I write my book in 10 years.


Surely you need to add the #TeamNC hashtag?

Paul KieferJr

Not so fast…

….I’m at 191 points.



Lets think of this like Team-LH Fans: Now that Grace has won, is she going to retire like Nico as to not face defeat in 2017?

Johnpierre Rivera

Hey everyone Sorry I am getting to this so late. What a great finish even thought I came up short. Grace you mentioned I am pretty good at the picking thing, but you almost picked all six in the seasons final. WOW. If is wasn’t for Vettel backing off in the last two laps… Anyways I’m glad we could make a real go at it in the last few races and to my fellow staffers thanks for making this year so exciting and going down to the wire… So many changes at the sharp end this time around. No shame… Read more »

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